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We specialize in supplying piping systems, welding and machining

About Us

ItalPipe SrlS is a company that plays a significant role in the field of mechanical engineering. We specialise in supplying products to the energy, chemical industry and gas, petrochemical, water management and automotive markets, and refineries. Our range of products includes piping systems, technological assemblies, valves and metallurgical material.

Customer satisfaction is ItalPipe SrlS company’s main priority, which is why we deal with every order individually and with great precision.


Industrial Pipes

We supply seamless and welded Carbon, Stainless and Alloy Steel pipes, for various range of temperatures and pressures, suitable for corrosive environment.

Pipes Fittings

BW fittings, particulary elbows, Tees, concentric and eccentric reductions, caps, socket welded/threaded fittings in wide range of materials.


Welding Neck (WN) and Long Welding Neck (LWN), Blind, Slip on, Socket weld, Threaded and Lap Joint. Our flanges are available into all ANSI and API classes.


The ItalPipe Division that produces valves is a highly specialized business unit, especially into designing and realizing a whole range of valves.

Gaskets and Bolts

We supply different types of gaskets: spiral, ovals, octagons shaped and made by a wide range of materials.

Special Pieces

Thanks to our Internal Engineering Dpt we are able to project, design and realize custom-made pieces required by our clients.


Our team is composed of qualified Engineers that are able to process any kind of requests, after verifications such as as calculations, drawings, engineering projects, procedures of welding qualification and any other kind of critical or specific application.

Fixed length cutting pipes
Heat treatments (Normalization, stress relief, hardening heat treatment, solution heat treatment, normalization and tempering, re-heating)
Flats laser cutting, plasma and water jet
Zinc-coating (hot galvanizing and electroplating)
Producing with machine tools (reaming, milling)
Hot or cold extrusion


All our products undergo technical inspection from the initial delivery of material to the incoming finished product inspection.

We deliver all products with certification of production material 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.2., and a dimensional results report in paper or digital form. In the case of welding projects, we can also provide full quality documentation, including the relevant WPQR, PQR, WPS, welding plan and NDT testing.

We also perform very accurate and fast non-destructive chemical analysis of materials with the percent composition of identified elements in compliance with the material norm or the equivalent thereof (EN, DIN, ASME).

Packaging & Delivery

Our products are packed in standard cardboard boxes or laid on pallets. If required, we can also deliver products in overseas packaging (wooden boxes; 20ft and 40ft containers).

Our deliveries follow INCOTERMS 2010 and we can organise delivery at place according to the terms of this regulation.

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0039 348 312 7146

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